Oklahoma City Community College

Office of the President

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The 2018 Roadmap: An Indispensable Pathway
Oklahoma City Community College has experienced remarkable success through the years. Through access, preparation, student and graduate success and partnering with the community, OCCC continues to aspire to be one of the most significant community colleges in the nation. The 2018 Roadmap has been developed as a guide to keep the college on the path to greater significance.

Aspiration Statement
OCCC aspires, through bold and transformative action, to significantly raise the educational achievement of all our students and to be an indispensable pathway to a more prosperous and fulfilling future.

Our Big Goals
Increase the number of our students who complete a certificate or degree by 50%.
Close the academic achievement gaps that persist with our low-income, first - generation, and some racial and ethnic groups.
Double annual giving to support student scholarships, community events, and the endowment.
What is a "Big Goal?" It's a goal that can't be achieved with the status quo. A "Big Goal" can only be accomplished by innovating, collaborating with groups within and outside the institution, stopping certain practices while beginning others, and a willingness to take risks. More than 80% of our new students indicate their educational goal is to earn a degree at OCCC or another institution, yet less than 60% return to OCCC or another college after their first semester. And, for some groups, the percentages are even lower. It is imperative that this unrealized human capacity reach its full potential - the huge benefits to the individual and the community are undisputed, as are the long-term costs because of gaps in achievement.

Mission Statement
OCCC provides broad access to learning that empowers students to complete a certificate or degree and that enriches the lives of everyone in our community.

Access: Our community has broad and equitable access to both highly valued certificate and degree programs and non-credit educational opportunities and events.
College Readiness: Our students develop skills and knowledge required to succeed in college.
Student Success: Our students successfully complete their academic courses, persist in college, and earn certificates or degrees at OCCC or another institution.
Graduate Success: Our graduates go on to earn higher-level degrees or are successful in technical or professional careers.
Community Development: Our community's quality of life is enriched through our educational, artistic and recreational programs and events.
Our Mission Statement describes why we exist and what we do. Traditionally, community colleges have been about providing access. But, it's not enough that students pass through our doors - earning a certificate or degree is what changes lives.

Students: Fundamental to all that we do
Safety: Safe and secure environment for everyone
Accountability: Use of evidence to measure performance and to make decisions
Stewardship: Wise and efficient use of resources
Integrity: Honest, ethical, and respectful to all
Innovation: Creative and forward thinking
Diversity: Embrace and appreciate the value of differences