Oklahoma City Community College

Office of the President

Paige Landreth

Paige Landreth, Executive Assistant to the Board of Regents

Email: plandreth@occc.edu

Phone: 405-682-7503

Tabitha Narvaiz

Tabitha Narvaiz, Special Assistant to the President

Email: tabitha.a.narvaiz@occc.edu

405-682-1611 x7590

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Roshell Roberts, Executive Assistant to the President

Email: roshell.a.roberts@occc.edu

Phone: 405-682-1611 x7206

Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson, Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Staff

Email: lisa.m.robertson@occc.edu


Marlene Shugart

Marlene Shugart, Chief of Staff

Email: marlene.l.shugart@occc.edu